Why Us?

Our passion is Shipping Containers! It’s our lives! We believe in the safe, reusable, recyclable use of shipping containers to construct useful space locally, nationally and worldwide! We provide high quality storage, shelter, office, studio and living spaces at a low overall impact to the surrounding environment. Versatile! Easy to install in your space! Always mobile or permanently fixed, it’s your choice!

Located in the heart of the Phoenix Valley, team is your one stop shop for shipping containers in Arizona and throughout the Southwest! New, used, modified, finished or unfinished, we can do it all! Our new and used empty steel storage containers are always secure, wind and water tight. Our empty containers have 1- 1/8 marine grade plywood floors standard. Every floor is inspected and repaired if needed. Ready for storage or modifications.

Modifications can range from simple door and window cut outs to completely custom, decked out offices or living spaces with materials of your choice. Contact our team today to discuss your plans and dreams! From simple to complex requirements our team can do it all!

Contact Our Team

Jesse Sands


 I've been in the shipping container business for over 8 years. I’ve worked with national companies as well as small local companies in this emerging industry.  During that time I noticed a void in the market, an emerging trend towards fun, creative, upcycled housing, with modern, highly usable spaces so 2 years ago, I opened and created the vehicle to make this happen!

 I have a true passion for upcycling and re-purposing of shipping containers and building materials.  I've worked with such amazing customers in this industry. Helping them to make their container dreams come true! My path has also drawn me towards volunteering with several local animal rescue groups. We have 3 dogs and often a 4th foster.  I enjoy helping in the Phoenix community anyway I can. It’s truly an amazing city! Best seen on a Motorcycle! 


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